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Fine art print
Size: 24 x 18,2 inches / 60,9 x 46,2 cm
Limited Edition of 111
Velvet Fine Art cotton fiber paper
Hand signed & numbered

This print might require a little bit of background information. It’s dedicated to one of the countless mysteries of the human brain:
The Pineal Gland. A pinecone shaped structure located deep in the middle of our brains, about the size of a grain of rice – often referred to as Third Eye or seat of the Self.
In fact, the pineal gland seems to have eye-like functions. It contains structures similar to the photoreceptors of our eyes. The entrance of light has an impact on the gland’s activity, including the hormonal regulation of our sleep and waking cycle.
This involves brain wave changes. During meditative states, the pineal gland is similarly active as during nighttime. It helps the mind to enter a more relaxed state.
Pineal Gland, Third Eye, seat of the Self – definitely a mystery worth exploring.