RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT, established in 2005, is a homage to all those who are active in the urban sphere. The mission grew fast. Our icon – The White Rabbit – took over the streets of Austria, Europe and all the other parts of our planet.

In 2012, Nychos (Founder and CCO) acquired a home for us in Vienna, Austria. This is where we come from. This is where we are operating from, spreading our mission.

Some call it Urban Art, we call it dedication to the same movement that created us. We leave traces behind in the places we visit, and the places we visit leave traces on us.

This is how we lost our heart to San Francisco and why Nychos set up a second home, a second burrow to operate: We Rabbit Eye Moved to the Bay Area. Welcome to our U.S. online shop. With your purchase, you are supporting the realization of one of our upcoming projects. Big thanks for that.